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The greatest threat to humanity is Pollution!! And Air pollution is the worst of all kinds of pollutions known.
Air pollution directly or indirectly affects every aspect of our lives. The air we breathe in; is the only driving force which enables us to live, else there is no way we could survive!!
And if the quality of the air we breathe in is poor, it if going to affect our body functioning to the root level.
A huge number of health ailments occur only due to air pollution.
India and China alone hold 50% share of the premature deaths occurring in the world due to air pollution.
The severity of Air pollution is rising, and there is an immediate need of a system to check the air quality.
For this purpose, Air Quality Monitoring system has been implemented.
Air Quality Index gives is an account of the quality of air and helps us measure/monitor it concerning numerical values.
The National Air Quality Index (NAQI) was formed on 6th April 2015, with the sole aim of addressing the issue of bad Air Quality.
Purpose of the NAQI
NAQI is formed to simplify the task of estimation of air quality. Its USP is the uncomplicated interpretation of the results.
The use of color coding system makes it understandable to each person irrespectively and make the data more manageable.

Air Pollution Monitoring System

[Modernization and Industrialization are the primary cause for worsening the Air Quality](https://www.deltapower.in/air-quality-monitoring/air-quality-monitoring-system/).
An enormous amount of Particulate matter goes into the air from these industries.
The ill effects of bad air quality need to be highlighted, and the people coming together to curb this issue would be the first cohesive step towards a greater good.

Constituents of Bad Air quality:-

Particulate Matter:-
The solid and liquid mixture suspended in the air. It has further two subclasses
Coarse Particles- Having a diameter of 2.5-10 µm.
Fine Particles- Have a diameter less than 2.5 µm.
They have a major hand in worsening the air quality.
If inhaled the can cause respiratory issues and they also cause Visibility problems.

Carbon Monoxide:
Carbon Monoxide is the byproduct of incomplete combustion of carbon sources, which usually come from the motor vehicle exhaust.
The presence of Carbon Monoxide has more hazardous effects than the presence of carbon dioxide.
Nitrogen Oxides:
When Nitrogen atom in the air reacts with the oxygen radicals present in the atmosphere, Nitrogen oxides are formed.
The nitrogen oxides are dangerous as they hamper the body’s metabolism and cause respiratory tract dystrophy.
They are released from fossil fuel burning, industrial soot, and vehicles.
Sulfur Dioxide:
It is the principal component of Smog and Acid Rain and causes damage to crops.
Burning coal and industrial soot produce Sulfur Dioxide.
Global warming and other atmospheric concerns are on the rise due to sulfur dioxide.
It is one of the most harmful element if present in quantities above the recommended level.
It is the cause of many nervous system malfunctions to renal disorders, cardiovascular dysfunctions, skin problems and so on.

What can we do?
Bringing down the air pollution levels to zero is a thing that is next to impossible now; but still, we can opt out some ways to get the situation to a better state than it is now.
Installation of Air Quality monitoring systems helps us to keep a tab on the pollution and thus help us plan better against air pollution.

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